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OSS only won the contract because the HK designs do not use proper adjustable gas blocks, and are very vulnerable to increased back pressure due to the short piston design. A shortened version of our over-barrel CQB suppressor, the CQBm features a single-piece baffle built with aerospace-grade CNC technology.The unique design adds only 3.7″ to the rifle’s length for better maneuverability. I’ve been shooting with a top shooter running that and one of the guys was giving him a hard time, saying it looked like a “sexual device” in the end of his barrel! Specifications. oss claims the modularity has been approved by the atf, but have yet to provide the letter showing this. Sure, it may not be exactly as quiet as an airsoft gun, but it should be noted that … Try a google or YouTube search for Amtac suppressors. Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) has a different idea. The OSS Suppressor! In all the hub-ub of SHOT Show, the small company AMTAC slipped through the cracks with an over the barrel line of suppressors. Rifle suppressors, just like their rifle hosts, seem to be the sweetheart of the firearm industry. utilizing gen v flow-through™ technology, only the elite line delivers torture test-proven suppression, performance and durability for military and extreme bpr2the elite 7.62/.30 cal over-the-barrel (otb) suppressors are a 2-component system, featuring a So suppression is less than traditional baffle stack suppressors but this is to be expected — they are trying to eliminate backpressure and cyclic rate changes. Description. Jan 31, 2016 - OSS Mission Sound Suppressor System - 5.56 Over the Barrel or Flush Mount. LEARN MORE. The most unique features of this Sig Sauer suppressor are its Taper Lok that maximizes accuracy and alignment and easily removable wrench flats that allow you to adjust the length of the barrel at your leisure. Over-barrel suppressors designed around the AR15 platform, the CQB Series adds only 3.7” to your rifle’s overall length. There were no issues regarding first round pop. Traditional suppressors add length, weight, and increase gas blowback when used on direct impingement rifles. Just looking at the sound suppression, modern front mounting suppressors can be as good or even better than some of the back over the barrel suppressors. So it gives far more time (relatively speaking) for the gas to escape out the front of the barrel/suppressor, and for pressure in the barrel/chamber to get closer to normal. Available in several over-barrel and one end-mount variations, the Mantis Series suppressors let you find the ideal balance between length, weight, and sound performance. Over-barrel suppressors designed around the AR15 platform, the CQB Series adds only 3.7” to your rifle’s overall length. LEARN MORE. That’s all pretty standard, but what makes the 556k interesting is the OSS Flow Through design. OSS ELITE EL 556k 5.56 OVER BARREL SUPPRESSOR 1078. The weight of the silencer as well as the muzzle device is a bit higher than I’d like to see, but in the end, the suppression levels from the Helix series are worth of a hard look if you are in the market for a rifle suppressor. I want a 10.5 inch barrel and their over barrel … The testers over at OSS slapped a flow-through suppressor on the rifle and the results are remarkable. MANTIS SERIES. Close. Our over the barrel mounts are rock solid and provide minimal and repeatable point of impact shift. Case in point. Yes. we keep meaning to take a look at Amtac, but as other folks have said already, the market appears to be moving away from OTB designs unless you have a specific desire/need for one. Millcreek, UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce that Silencer Shop, a leading gun suppressor distribution platform with an expansive silencer selection for site visitors, this week officially announced they are carrying all current OSS Suppressors on their distribution platform. There is a Fat B* that a few of these guys use, which is 1.115” diameter. ... but I am looking for the best way to suppress my 300BLK with short barrel and I thought the OSS might be a viable option for me, thank you. Shorter path / less volume is potentially less effective. The silencer is typically a hollow metal tube manufactured from steel, aluminum, or titanium and contains expansion chambers. Suppressor system here in Texas. So, if OSS made a BPRM for the G3/HK41/HK91 it could not be as long. We've sold over the barrel suppressors to private buyers and LE departments, but only with OSS. “OSS is honored to participate with and support HK’ s Program Team and their winning CSASS submission,” said John Spurrier, OSS Chief Executive Officer. OTB-175-4-6-556R OTB-175-4-7-556R OTB-175-4-9-556R Luckily that barrel is a short 22” barrel that I typically run a suppressor on. I want their 7.62 can for a 300 blk sbr build id like to do. Available in several over-barrel variations, the Mantis Series suppressors let you find the ideal balance between length, … Compatible with a mid-length gas system on a 16″ barrel, this suppressor features direct-thread attachment and can fit under most full-length free float tubes. Nov 25, 2017 - OSS Mission Sound Suppressor System - 5.56 Over the Barrel or Flush Mount. and full-auto-rated OSS HX-QD-7.62 Titanium suppressor uses the company’s patented Flow Through technology designed to eliminate back pressure by venting trapped gases out of the front-outer face of the suppressor. This means that you have to take into account your barrel’s length and diameter as well as your gas system when choosing a suppressor. Mar 1, 2018 - OSS Mission Sound Suppressor System - 5.56 Over the Barrel or Flush Mount. I have the Surefire FA556AR, which fits almost 4 inches over the end of the barrel. Note: The OSS suppressor for an MR762 can be used on an MR556 with the purchase of an inexpensive adapter. Built from Grade 5 Titanium and 17-4 stainless steel, the light weight (14.5 oz.) Jun 17, 2017 - OSS Mission Sound Suppressor System - 5.56 Over the Barrel or Flush Mount. This suppressor is very quiet compared to my AAC M4-2000. An over barrel suppressor. The 556k is 5.7-inches long and weighs 15.5-ounces and has a 1.62-inch diameter. The latest generation of OSS Suppressors appear to be real performers that provide excellent suppression at the shooter’s ear. So in essence a lot of that back over the barrel length and weight is wasted space and weight, if not utilized in a more complex form for a lower back pressure design. Over-barrel suppressors have to fit over your rifle’s barrel and thread securely into place without touching the gas system on semi-auto rifles. Jun 30, 2019 - OSS Mission Sound Suppressor System - 5.56 Over the Barrel or Flush Mount. AMTAC’s line of suppresors, minus only a single model (the “SBR”) are designed to reduce the overall length of a weapon system by moving some suppressor volume to behind the threads (or “over the barrel”). MANTIS Series. This suppressor is explicitly built for shorter barrel sporting rifles like .308, 762, and 300BLK, so you’re not entirely limited when it comes to which of your guns you can use it with. Murray Utah – OSS Suppressors LLC congratulates Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. on their successful Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) contract bid with the U.S. Department of Defense. Hey, we aren't complaining either! With such popularity comes the trouble of choosing between all of the options. This category covers not only 5.56 (.223), but also .30, making the suppressor This device, typically cylindrical in shape, attaches to the muzzle of a pistol, submachine gun, or rifle.Some "can"-type silencers (so-called as they often resemble a beverage can) may be detached by the user and attached to a different firearm. My HK91 has only about 4.25” of barrel between the muzzle and the front sight. OSS Suppressors Helix-QD Features: https://osssuppressors.com/OSS’s patented Flow-Through® technology is revolutionizing the suppressor industry. To address these problems, many AMTAC Suppressors feature an over-barrel design that integrates a high-volume initial blast chamber attached … The Surefires are built like a tank, in my opinion. Silencer Shop now stocking the OSS Helix-QD line of 5.56, 7.62, and Magnum suppressors. If you have a rifle that can use a proper adjustable gas block, it will do a much better job with a traditional suppressor, than the OSS will. to do this they have to sacrifice some sound suppression. A Superlative Arms gas block allows you to delay the unlock of your bolt by reducing the amount of gas coming back down the tube and the pressure of said gas. 4 = Length Over Barrel X = Length Past Barrel Available Models: OTB-175-4-4-556R OTB-175-4-5-556R (223 Cal.) The SPR OTB (Over the Barrel) Silencer is suited to the shooter who wants the least amount of gas blowback in semi auto systems and the best sound suppression with minimal addition to weapon system length. The OSS HX-QD 556k is one of the most painful things to type on a QWERTY keyboard, but it is a really cool suppressor. Please select your location below to get a shipping quote. The difference being OTB allows us to add minimal length to your weapon, 3.9″, and transfers the axis point of your weapon back towards the center point, making it easier to control/drive your weapon. Thanks, I had read that you tested it, but didn't see an impression of suppression level. by Nick Irving Apr 16, 2013 Share This: I recently had a chance to work with the O.S.S. 1. The BPR1™ Over The Barrel suppressor offers several mission enhancing capabilities. A friend of mine asked me to try his latest OTB (Over The Barrel) design, the Helix OSS. We took a look at these innovative suppressors by Amtac , which shorten the length of the barrel and suppressor by fitting them over the barrel.

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