rottweiler vs wolf fight to death

Probably an even match; maybe the cat has a slight edge. People needed them to be friendly towards people because they had to go inside the ring sometimes to sort out the fights. 1 Pit Bull Attack Kangal & Wolf Attack Caucasian Ovcharka . In a one on one fight to the death who wins? I haven’t watched farm cats or other real hunters do their job but I imagine they would have developed techniques to kill more effectively. Next time research first but making a matchup. In the USA 2011, out of the 31 people killed in dogs attacks, pit bulls killed 22, rottweilers killed 4, and all other breeds killed 5. The Rottweiler (/ ˈ r ɒ t w aɪ l ər /, UK also /-v aɪ l ər /) is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large. They are very friendly towards people because that quality was bred into them aswell. @dreddfull: I agree with you but i wasnt supporting pitbulls. are rottweilers really not on par with pitbulls? This is madness. We are really amateurs at this. Cats have an an almost supernatural appeal to some people because they seem so elusive and unpredictable but that is a big part of the problem with this. The leopard gets a meal. I guess where I’m coming from is that average size isn’t really discernible. Animal Fights Lion Eating Antelope Testis When It's Alive Brutal Animals Wildlif. Sign up. Also dogs retreat when seriously wounded even the alphas , unlike solitary feline predators. ....anyways the mob of locals in Mexico or Brazil or some places chase down the Cat and shot it... Rules give the pups a chance. Dogs often won’t kill cats because it’s not worth the effort, and the cat than thus discourage it. on liveleak today there was a vid, probably uploaded in the last week...I'm not going to post it here cos liveleak has a lot of crap like robbery, shootings, sensitive political stuff, car accidents, animal attacks, anyways this Cat I think a Jaguar, smaller than a Leopard, its spotted on night vision Cctv... grabs this big stray Golden Retriever looking dog...tears its throat near snaps its neck...fight is over in like 3 seconds even less...poor bastard Dog is broken like a torn up wet cloth...wagging its tail thinking it was going for a nice walk. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Size is always the deciding factor but the pitbull is such a specialized breed. But to go there. Wombwell had arranged and bets taken in old Europe and a fight arranged this time, however, each dog got ripped open like a child popping a balloon or ripping open a little present, each lasted less than a few seconds in the cage with Wallace, I hope they cull the Pittbull, exterminate the dog and put it in a burger like they do to mutt in S.Korea, restarted the breed for this dumb fucking mutt,, The only thing Pitts are good for is mauling children to death and killing other little dogs...fucking useless animal, exterminate them and fine/jail the owners. In that scenario the dog would have had a reason to defend itself. Fighting dogs like Rottweilers? They do not lock jaws and keep biting no matter what like the pitbull. Have you never seen dogs fight? As to the OP, it depends on the dog. It can win, but it will be a hard fight either way. Rotts due to team pack mentality. Wolf Attacks; Attack Locations. @mustlovedogs2020 No, there's never been a document case of a wolverine actually killing a wolf. That is why please put matchups against pitbulls if you are going to use dogs. If I had a choice of being the dog getting clawed, or the cat getting the shit shook out of it, I’d rather be the dog. Granted, the cat had the element of surprise so in a different situation the dog’s sheer size would likely win out. ... Turkish Kangal vs Wolf test. I have seen them do it. They have sharp claws and teeth. drunk guy start fight against three dogs This young lady struggles to walk on icy street NHS doctor’s viral video explains why he is going to receive the coronavirus vaccine Leopard is waaay too fast for a large Rott. Watch fullscreen. I'll see if I can find the video. Answer by george in reply to Grady ever heard the saying: “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that counts”. Its literally made to excel at one thing. Only a selective few massive dogs who are actually fighter bloodline breeds can best the pitbull and trust me, rottie is not one of them. Search. A Leopard had a standoff against several lioness with it's back to the ground. A dogfight is a different thing, not a fight to the death but a genuine sport fight that ends in victory and the triumph of the winner, even if he has to be pulled off his opponent by the collar. Wolverines have been documented to kill lynx, and there's video footage of one killing a coyote, but never a wolf. There wouldn’t be a suffocating, jugular/tracheal hold like big cats do. Zovavu. Now, if he were fighting Spider-Man …. jaguar beats wolf. Then it’d be aggression / exhaustion – is that cat aggressive / stupid enough to give up it’s safe position and attack the dog. Cats are built to kill things smaller than them. Playing next. Please show me a single pure bred pitbull who is friendly to other animals by nature. But the collar that stopped this from being a fair fight may also have saved the dog's life. Mountain lion attacks family's pet Doberman in ferocious fight to the death caught on CCTV. pit bull & dogo argentino FIGHT to Death. The dog lost, he didn’t die but he was covered in scratches and bites and looked like he wanted to die of embarrasment. I knew a cat killing dog once, though, he just grabbed them and shook them dead, like a giant terrier with a large rat. I agree about more dangerous dogs, but as for the 60lbs vs 110lbs: animals never fight to the death so it is important to consider how a dog can withstand the pain and still keep on fighting. Follow. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. In real life, people who fight animals for sport are all kinds of asshat. The best example is to look at dog fighting history. A simple fking cougar destroys wolf. Of course, your average dog is bigger- and most cats have killing experience while most dogs don’t. mastiff beats rottweiler. tiger beats lion. @sayo786: Because the Leopard is out numbered. Over very quickly. The dogs would run. The veterans there used to gamble fortunes and if the rottie was truly that much of a beast, they would have used that dog instead. Bull Fighting Daddy Finger Family Kids Nursery Song | Bulls Vs Wolfs Animal Death Fights. Leopard weights 80 kg while one rottweiler weight 50 kg and other 58 kg. Nobody knows how many house cats have killed people because the cat’s know to make it look like an accident. I had a big Tom once. The cat was inside with me but had seen the dog from the window. The Rottweiler is a big sucker with a big ole head. Bear Attacks in the USA; Fatal Shark Attacks; ... Wild animals fight to the death 2015, Wild animals attack humans videos, ... 4.0: rottweiler Vs pitbull Fight !! So, there are nuances to a good answer. I think the key here is that the cat was on its own territory and the dog on unfamiliar territory, and if the cat had entered into the dog’s yard, the situation would have been reversed. Leopard is waaay too fast for a large Rott. That’s where my pound for pound argument came in. Bruh, in the African village my dad grew up in, Leopards killed big dogs on a daily basis. Search. Those cats liked eating dogs, this is spite. Doberman vs. Pitbull play Fight to the death. Well the original asshat, I’m sorry… original poster, specified average household petdog vs household pet cat. The pitbull doesnt care if it dies. As the dog was leaving the yard, the cat calmly ad gracefully dropped off and trotted back towards me with his tail proudly erect. I know, not a cat, but still, coons are some mean ass mofos. 3. Dogs are beautiful creatures and you put them up against a frickin big cat! Pound for pound, cats win. We had a Rottweiler that was afraid of one of our rabbits because it once caught him with a good swipe right on the nose. Linnie Orlo. you … Not the original query here. Average size of breeds, yes, but even if we had an idea from the AKC of how many registered dogs they have, of each kind of breed, and averaged that, it’s still not a large enough percentage to account for all the mixed breeds. There are mentally unstable, sociopathic dogs as well and they do it better than cats in the same weight class. Posted by on July 08, 2017. A lapdog? 10:04. True? Yesterday in conversation I stated that if you locked up a pet dog and a pet cat, and made them fight to the death, the dog would win because of its superior size. My goodness... dude this isnt even a fight. 09-16-2011, 01:06 PM #2. … Does that gif have anything to do with your sentence? Being people friendly was forced into them. Average cat size is 10 pounds. But you can’t generalize it since you could have, for example, a very large tom cat against a small chihuahua puppy, in which case the cat will undoubtedly have an advantage. Log in. How would a cat even kill a dog? In a cage the chances of a dog getting hit by a paw in extremely high. It would take hours if not days for the dog to eventually expire from infection or bleeding. Inbreeding doesn't help. Animal Fights Lion Eating Antelope Testis … To make a comparison, if Tibetan Mastiffs and wolves were human, and six members of the hunting group of wolf/humans came upon a flock of delicious sheep, they would soon decide to go down there, and eat a few. Or without bringing wild animals into it, how about a twenty pound tom-cat vs a twenty pound beagle? @jooosh1996: evidence of rottweiler taking down bear. Leopard would get mauled by two Rottweiler's. Police Cam. lol And what kind of big dogs exactly? This continued until the mid-19th century when railways replaced droving. You do realized this site is comicvine right? whatever destroys man is probably a PG discussion. [Disclaimer - I’ve never seen either species kill the other, nor have I seen either in a cage fight; this is pure speculation based on my own observation of my own dogs and cats; but when a dog’s got something smaller by the neck, it’s history]. Wolf Kills Bear 2015 Animals Attack Animal Planet 2015 National Geographic Animals Posted by Kurisu Makise on Wednesday, July 15th 2015 VN:F [1.9.22_1171] As the ASPCA notes, the pitbulls were “once considered especially non-aggressive to people.”. rottweiler beats pit. Your level of thinking is simply appalling to me. Probably only enough to drag out the inevitable. Maulana Tariq Jameel. But cougar are big with powerful jaws. Although it depends on the dog, any of the dogs I grew up with would take one scratch from the cat and then cower in the corner whimpering. 10 pound cat vs. 10 pound dog: cat wins. If they manage to cripple one or both arms, they have a chance. @azureus: One paw strike isn't killing a rottweiler. Duh. That said, ever seen those paws? Fight happens in locked big cage with sand ground below. 22 for one breed (PB) verse 9 for all other breeds added together! I had a 20# Tom cat that would pretty much eat your dog. A German Shepard has the jaws to pull a human limb off but it's cousin can't pounce an opponent whose vastly inferior in size to even the female wolf? She instinctively knows what to do (Assume am aggressive stance, wait for an opening, dash in, grab the throat and shake until dead.) Rotties arent good at all. Though this is a really bit leopard (80 kg). Pitbull vs Doberman Pincher Fight. 2:31. Where was that? The cat would lacerate the hell out of the dog, probably at least one eye, too. 1:19. In real life (e.g. Think the face-hugger from Alien. Köpek Dövüşleri, Kavgası ve Saldırıları Hakkında!!! The amount of power behind a leopards pull and neck muscles is so much that no rottie or as a matter of fact, no wolf can even try to even match it. Is the dog stupid enough to tire itself out and let the cat take a swing. Doesn’t happen. I would say the same for the Rotts, Dogs work in teamwork especially if these Rotts are wild. Predators might have a small edge over non-predators, but that’s not relevant here, since they’re both predators. I still stand by my OP, that in general, dogs will win against cats because in general dogs are against cats. Dogs instinctively kill through neck trauma, shaking to death any prey small enough. You say that as if the dog wouldn’t fight back. Pitbull VS Rottweiler who wins? ... Splinterliberated. Cosemesil. … It takes one of the dogs to grab the Leopards throat and its over. Dog Pitbull Vs Lion. A much larger strange dog came into our yard (this was a farm) and I was going to go out and shoo it away. Wolves are stronger and fight with other wolves constantly to keep their place in the pack. Unless these are specially trained dogs to kill anything at command , the leopard breaks its neck . Or maybe unanswerable? @alextheboss: Dude I've owned a female rottweiler before,they aren't the kind to have excellent team tactics.If the leopard pounces on one rott,the other will likely try to run away. A different Lion, a wild killer Wallace was never to know freedom, he was a fighter, and his most renowned performance occurred in July 1825 in a factory year in Warwick. Rottweiler vs Grey Wolf, who would win? 2:58 """ turkish KANGAL vs child """ I’m thinking to find a 60 pound cat you’re bringing a wild animal into the discussion. 1. I’ll just go ahead and say it, my 20 pound Schipperke could take a comparable sized house cat. Yesterday in conversation I stated that if you locked up a pet dog and a pet cat, and made them fight to the death, the dog would win because of its superior size. Twelve Turkish police officers charged with death of American tourist whose horrifying struggle to. Dogs have stronger jaws and the muscles power their head. lion beats jaguar. TURKISH Kangal vs AMERICAN Pitbull FIGHT Death. Every single feature was carefully bred into it. Even if a dog does fight with other dogs, it isn't on the same scale. @sayo786: You are way overestimating the leopard here. Leopard without much effort. The leopard can win if it gets a quick kill on the first dog, but if it doesn't and the dog escapes and one dog latches on to the leopard, it will be in real trouble. gray wolf or similar, in the wild, vs. African wildcat or similar), they would both avoid each other because it would not be worthwhile for the wolf to go to the effort of killing a cat. A dog just has to grab the cat and shake it. if none at all at least one tier behind not so far like the rott lol. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. A Rott could NOT duplicate this feat. I was merely telling you how much of a better fighter the pitbull is. Granted, the cat had the element of surprise. In all of these steel cage deathmatches, if it really is a fight to the death, it pretty much always comes down to total mass. She said the dog got pretty clawed up the first time or two, but rapidly began to take less damage in the encounters and now kills the cats without getting a scratch – chillingly, he’s become good at it. They helped care for and protect infants and toddlers. But he was 50# or so. The cat lasts 5 seconds if it can’t find a tree to climb. However, they're some huge mastiffs that would snap a Leopard in half though. This is stupidity beyond measure. I've seen Rottweilers take down Bears. The dogs, but 1-on-1 the Leopard would easily kill them. What’s the smallest dog that’s mauled a person to death? If the Leopard jumps on a dog's back, that dog is now dead. For the evidence of the bear being killed by the dogs I watched it on Youtube and I'm sure it will still be on if you want to give it a search. As soon as I opened the door, the cat flew out and attached itself to the dog’s face. The dog was running backwards while trying to get turned around at the same time so for a while he was actually running sideways. Compare Doberman vs German Shepherd Dog Breed and find features which are most important for you and which is the best or Suitable Doberman and German Shepherd at Compare the features of these dog Breeds and find the best suited for your home The house cat would end up kind of - shredding - the dog. The cat would lacerate the hell out of the dog, probably at least one eye, too. As a side note my uncle brought me back the head of a wolf from Alaska(well the skin/fur at least). I have never seen a cat kill a dog. man with a weatherby magnum beats elephant. If it tried, it would likely miss, or if somehow it did catch the bird, break it's damn legs on the concrete below when landing/sliding. God damn these people. Proper cage situation where the dog can’t make that decision? Leopards are ambush fighters and aren't used to Handicap fights, that's why they run away from Hyenas even though the leopard could kill a hyena one on one if it truly wanted to. It blitzes both. The Pit Bull is Game Tested. Cats are not as inbred and specialized as dogs, so their size is fairly average. All Everything. If the cat was smart it would win, but its tactics arent really suited for this sort of fight - they need space. Linnie Orlo. PIT BULL VS ROTTWEILER FIGHT!!! If it was 5 wolves vs 1 German shepherd, then the wolves. Because they couldn't come and slash it's throat because of they were scared it's paws. Browse more videos. The leopard will paw the dog whoever comes close and a single swipe will leave deep gape wounds. It's quite annoying but I do want to correct this, a 140 pound canine that can drag an entire moose by itself and bring down much larger elk prey can't match a 80 pound cat whose meals usually consist of younglings? The cat was inside with me but had seen the dog from the window. Look up chinaman bloodline. This all seems to be avoiding the real question if we aren’t allowed to test it scientifically. It blitzes both. As soon as I opened the door, the cat flew out and attached itself to the dog’s face. elephant can beat any other land-based living being it feels like. I have seen dogs kill cats and it isn’t pretty. I just weighed my Rottweiler and he weighs 114 pounds, he's big and he has the biggest head I've had ever seen, his is bigger then my Pitbull and bigger then all my cousins Pitbull's. Domestic cats seem to kill things via trauma and bleeding. My 11 pound dog would fucking destroy any house cat in a cage match. On topic – on a dog message board I frequent, one poster has a dog who has killed numerous stray cats that wander into her yard (the human is NOT happy about it and was asking advice). A cat would scratch the shit out of a dog, while the dog clamps down on the cat with his jaws and shakes the shit out of it. I don’t think. 2:01. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Leopard should win but not sure about the Rottie because the Rottweiler is a big fucking tough dog and probably a lot smarter than a dumbass Pitt so they will probably try to pack attack instead of going solo or turning on each other like the dumb fucking Shitbull would, that said a Leopard is a big fucking killer powerful cat and usually dogs failed terrible against the big cats...unless wild and in a clever wolf pack....they all died when they fought them inside Pits in old England and France, one old Lion Nero was docile, it took ten pitts to almost get the upper hand on a big old tame Lion who acted like a circus kitten... Wallace was another story killing all fighting dogs instantly. That doesn’t sound to me like “cat wins”; that sounds to me like “dog loses”. It was comical. But you’re still better off with an actual weapon. An if they’re the same size, then it can really go either way. 1:03. In a 1v1 the leopard would stomp, but isn't stomping in a 2v1. The cat is history. The rotties will start running from the leopard a few mins into the fight. So that cat is at least one advantage in that it can climb. EDIT: even by the OPs rules, a 175ish pound leopard is just now in the weight class of the largest of wolves sitting at well over 180. The wolf can destroy any dog. I'm inclined to agree with the consensus, that a determined, working rott wins in a fight to the death. Leopard weights 80 kg while one rottweiler weight 50 kg and other 58 kg.Fight happens in locked big cage with sand ground below. @dreddfull: Fighting. Dogs have killed human beings many times. damn look at the kinda damage these dogs can do!! Flagged and reported OP. One on one would be a stomp in favor of the cat. It wasn't until the early 1980's that bastards started to inbreed them and f**k with their mental stability. The Leopard is faster, stronger, & just overall better than a Rott. Doberman vs. Pitbull play Fight to the death. Dog Fighting Task Force Heroes Pit Bulls and Parolees. 5 years ago | 2.4K views. Supposedly cougars learn techniques from their mother and tend to kill through suffocation / neck trauma. I feel differently, a single paw strike could easily one of the dogs here and the other one would be massacred. They win since the Leopard will be trying to run away. The rotties are not pain tolerant like the pitbull. It would take hours if not days for the dog to eventually expire from infection or bleeding…. Cats grab on and rake with their hind claws, disembowling larger creatures. I dont know what a "big" cage is, but im guessing its small enough to limit the leopard. Of course the Leopard could kill them indivually but together the Leopard will go for the neck while both Dogs will try to attack and gnawl all over the leopards body. For most of the 114 years since the American pitbull terrier was first recognized by the United Kennel Club, the breed was rightly seen as the perfect “nanny dog” for children because of its friendly nature, loyalty and stability. Thing is, the cat probably won’t kill the dog in a spectacular, fast fashion. wolf beats mastiff. You are putting a cat who is much more powerful and stronger than the cougar against a much weaker version of a wolf. A rat terrier could finish off an entire feline shelter before breakfast and come back wanting more a few hours later. This stupid OP. But size being equal, say a 100 pound Mountain Lion vs. a 100 pound Wolf, I would put money on the cat. Hope that makes my points clear. Nazia Anjum. By Pitbull I’m referring to the one and only American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) 2. 3:16. Then they will run for their lives. I would still have to go with the cat. He grew up in Kenya in the Central Province during the 60s. Thing is, though, there’s nothing that says they can’t both lose: If the cat mortally wounds the dog, then the dog takes out the cat’s throat, then the dog bleeds to death, it’s kind of hard to declare a winner. Judging by that, the Leopard will K.O that dog. All that said, I suspect that the typical housecat would be quicker than the typical housedog to realize that it’s a fight to the death, and start behaving accordingly. You can put 5 rotties and still the leopard wins. Leopard slashes throat after a short scuffle. You have to know who wrote that it have been exposed.The writer of is no animal expert,infact animal expert disagrees with her. I’ve also been trying to find the average size of a pet dog, but there are too many variables to consider. They're bigger, faster and stronger. There wouldn’t be a suffocating, jugular/tracheal hold like big cats do. Library. 2:04. Beagle Puppy Attacks Pitbull Doberman Puppy feat. I would train them to bite the Leopards forearms. Its the ultimate fighter dog. The original pitbull was made by combining the strength and power of a bulldog with the wind and explosiveness of the terrier breed. @sayo786: ahhhh thanks i get it in your opinion, what other dogs do u think can be on par with the pitt in fighting? A big German Shepherd or similar? My 12 pound Jack Russell killed several stray cats until they stopped coming into the yard. Thing is, the cat probably won’t kill the dog in a spectacular, fast fashion. The dogs were known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweil butchers' dogs, because their main use was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Report. You whine and complain in every thread with no factual evidence but what you think would happen. This is a very horrible stomp which can be compared to a Naruto vs Odin full power odinforce thread. Pound for pound, almost any breed of dog has the brains, the composure, and strength to keep from getting killed by a domestic cat. So I would say the dogs should definitely win against an average leopard, but if it's some big 80 kg+ leopard, the leopard could definitely win. Of course a big dog vs house cat is no contest. Batman, hands down. I think the cage helps that cat. Leopards drag more than twice their bodyweight easily. The leopard will have a free lunch. Log in. It's a fight with fighters who cannot possibly rig the event in advance. Well, if you were going to - hypothetically - cage fight two animals, what asshat is going to pit a 10-pounder against a 60-pounder? I still state that your average dog will win vs. the average cat. The best dog fighters are american pitbull terriers and rotties dont even like to fight. @azureus: This is two large Rottweilers. The dog, definitely. Doberman vs Pitbull Full Fight in HD 1080p Dog Fight ... DOBERMAN VS KARA KURT - DOBERMAN DOG VS BLACK WOLF. Leopards kill German Shepherds, some mastiffs and Dobermans quite easily. Sign up. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In real life (e.g. It will just keep biting and thrashing the limbs of the leopard(which would still do barely any damage) to death. Who would win in a fight when a Rottweiler is in warrior mode? Download Image. Most likely the leopard will try to jump on one while the other dog attacks the leopard from behind. I saw a cat versus dog victim where both animals were equal size. They were trying to flip the Leopard over and get it's back, but those claws made them think twice. 2 years ago. It cant be used as guard dogs or police dogs. Pitbulls were actually originally used as nurse dogs. Enjoy (Armenia, Turkey) report ... Leopard attack wolf attack dog- Pitbull Timsah Puma Doberman. I give it a 65/45 in favor of the leopard, but in the cases where the dogs win, both dogs also bleed out to death 80% of the time. The cat was hanging on with his fore-claws and raking the dog’s face with his hind-claws. Please educate yourselves whoever think that rotties even have a slight chance. I raised rotts. A PB kills his owner. Who would win in a fight, Batman or Spiderman? Pitbulls, like any dog, are a product of their environment. SKAM S04E06 (English) 2:01. gray wolf or similar, in the wild, vs. African wildcat or similar), they would both avoid each other because it would not be worthwhile for the wolf to go to the effort of killing a cat. Pitbull VS Rottweiler. @stoneyalex: The rotties are very good dogs but horrible fighters. The conversation devolved into arguments of what is the size of the average pet dog vs. the average pet cat, the fact that cats have sharper claws and teeth, etc.,, They could easily take these identified large dogs you are talking about. I meant that the rotties will fight... for two minutes. If I was pressed to WAG it, I’d say 40 to 60 pounds, and in that case it’s a moot argument, no question, I don’t know why anyone would think a small predator would be able to kill a far larger predator one-on-one with no tricks or “secret weapons”. There is a reason the APBT is the only perfected dog breed used for fighting. One quick killing tactic for big cats is breaking the neck or spine with a quick bite. @rockette: Those pictures are not pure game bred APBT. Thats it. Period. A cat can present a fierce barrier of claws but they are not likely to have a viable method of incapacitating a dog. Library. Rottweiler. Domestic cats are fundamentally stupid and disorganized beings with ADD and they don’t have the help of a pack. One on one the dogs are outmatched. The opposite has occurred. The first few generations were monster dogs who bit people as much as dogs. level 1. Well, dogs come in a massive variety of sizes. 3:01. Plus he put them against a leopard. He got Tender Vittles (his favorite) for dinner that night. ... Oh they are definitely stronger than pit bulls and would definitely fight to the death if push came to shove. The house cat would end up kind of - shredding - the dog. This would give the cat an initiative advantage which might be enough to decide the fight in the cat’s favor. I’d say pound for pound, both equally experienced with killing, a cat would win due to the claws. The dogs may get on the cat and inflict a ton of damage before it gets into "oh boy, I need to go all out" mode. Leopards are usually solitary they attack to kill, packs of dogs attack to injure , then go for the kill . Arnulfoquigley. Depends on the size of the wolf, but I highly doubt it even if the wolf is smaller. 10 pound cat vs. 10 pound dog: cat wins. i always thought they were since they were mostly used as guard dogs, i wouldnt know i have no experience with them in person except one time i was just walking around and i saw a house's backyard and 2 rott's were staring at me hardcore lol they stood in the same position and kept turning their head whichever direction i went.

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