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The storm has left three dead, and is moving across parts of Central America that are still reeling from Hurricane Eta. In early May he started showing symptoms of Covid-19 and was diagnosed with the virus. Weather Alert: U. S. Embassy Managua, Nicaragua (November 16, 2020) Location: Throughout the country Event: Hurricane Iota is expected to make landfall as a category five storm on the northern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua on the evening of November 16. What Ortega failed to mention was that Costa Rica had placed preventative measures to control the spread of Covid-19 after 50 drivers tested positive for the virus. One of those workers had to be intubated Javier said, but he has no choice and must work. Rico Torres - November 24, 2020 0. So many people are hungry. In a little more than a century, Nicaragua has experienced U.S. occupation, a liberal oligarchic regime, a repressive family dictatorship, a revolutionary regime of a socialist nature, a liberal democracy, and, since Daniel Ortega’s return to power in 2007, a hybrid regime that has combined democratic institutions with authoritarian elections and that, as of April 2018, has mutated into a new … As for the express burials, he said they happen so quickly he can't get to the cemeteries in time to officiate. Now, there are 10-12 names of those that have died and 5-6 requests to pray for those who are sick, he said. "And I feel hatred toward the government, a sentiment growing in the population since the only ones guaranteed life are the rulers, who have lived in quarantine for many years. But his workload has nearly tripled. Now, faced with the deadly coronavirus, the government is coming under fire for its casual approach to containing the pandemic. The following is from one of the missionaries in Nicaragua that we will be working alongside: “Unemployment is incredibly high and many businesses have shut down. by Kevin Zeese - Nils McCune. ... Nicaragua was: The safest country in Latin America. "I have never seen so many people self-medicating. Ten days later, he passed away, according to the family. At least 15 medical personnel have recently been forced to quit or were fired, Dr. José Antonio Vásquez, president of Nicaragua's Medical Unit, told CNN en Español in an interview. Prior to 2017 Nicaragua remained poor but its future was hopeful. People Government - Politics Geography Economy News - Weather History Photos - Video Travel En Español Sources United States Edition. Gravediggers carry a coffin during a funeral at the Jardines del Recuerdo Cemetery in Managua on June 5, 2020. "There are two realities, what the government tells you and what we are seeing," epidemiologist Dr. Leonel Argüello Yrigoyen told CNN on the phone. He said eight people have fallen ill at his workplace, a distribution company dealing with farm products. Correcting The Record: What Is Really Happening In Nicaragua? There are simply what have become known as "express burials": a swift trip to the cemetery at night accompanied by police officers. ", Dr. Argüello Yrigoyen was referring to the Nicaragua. The Central Bank has said that macro-business development and social programs are funded by 62 percent of the Nicaraguan oil revenue. La democracia en Estados Unidos está a prueba. "At home they create an infection bomb because everyone in that household can be infected and you might put on a mask, but that won't help," he added. So began the longest-running dictatorship in Latin America, as the Somoza family became rich and powerful. Political and economic unrest in Nicaragua could stoke the flames in a region where insecurity has forced tens of thousands to flee in recent years. Six politicians in Nicaragua have passed away since mid-May, according to an unusual government announcement by Vice President Murillo, though the cause of death for some is unclear. Nicaragua Overview - Overview - Customs and Culture - Diet and Recipes - Language - Religion - Interesting Facts. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Iota is expected to produce catastrophic winds, extreme rainfall, and a life … Monseñor Aviles Cantón offers two Masses a week via Facebook Live and the rest is inside the church, with just three or four people attending. The government has rejected such reports. At the start of the pandemic, Ortega had also spent more than 40 days. Unique Nicaragua content for tourists, students, business or those interested in our world! I feel that the journey and the jail stay was hard, but what is happening … Medical experts have also questioned government-released details about the country's coronavirus infection rate. Murillo reported the deaths of two mayors, one of whom died after a blood sugar spike, she said. Since the American mercenary William Walker declared himself president of Nicaragua in 1856, imposing slavery and declaring English to be the official language of the country in order to gain the support of the southern U.S. slave states, there has been resistance to American economic and military aggression in Nicaragua. In 1936, Anastasio Somoza Garcia employed Nicaragua's U.S.-trained National Guard to seize power, three years after U.S. Marines withdrew from the country. "All they tell you is that three [or] four family members can go at a distance.". Over 300 protesters have been killed in the past three months. Key Information for Travelers to Nicaragua. But there's been one notable exception -- President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, who has not been seen in public for over 40 days. But he still needs to work as he's the sole breadwinner for his family. Until very recently, Nicaragua was an exemplary country in Central America, one of the most violent regions in the world. What’s Happening in Nicaragua? "The non-official is truer to reality and the government [version] is cause for confusion. Think beautiful cathedrals, elegant architecture, a ton of history, and loads of nature to get to grips with. "You couldn't see his face, he was already wrapped in a black bag," Vladimir told CNN en Español. (CNN)Nicaragua has seen its fair share of unrest, fear and struggles throughout its troubled history. The country has been reeling from an economic downspin following socio-political unrest in 2018 and US sanctions that are crippling the country. But medical experts told CNN the number is significantly higher. This is why we must open our eyes to what is happening in Nicaragua. The storm was expected to strengthen before making landfall late Monday or early Tuesday morning, producing as much as 35 inches of rain. CNN's Natalie Gallón reported and wrote from Mexico City. A public outcry to oust the President and Vice President began when Ortega decided to pass unilateral reforms to the country’s social security system. If you must travel: Before you travel, get tested with a viral test 1–3 days before your trip. While churches were never officially closed by order of the government, many parishes in Nicaragua have taken it upon themselves to tell their followers to stay home. Six months into a crisis that has shaken the world, the 74-year-old president has refused to impose strict, preventive quarantine measures seen in neighboring countries. In the past three months, at least six politicians have died, although the details are vague on some of the causes. During my time in Berlin, I wrote an essay about Central America called “Balkans and Volcanoes.” The essay chronicles the constant feuds that, after independence in 1821, led to a bloody and pointless war spearheaded by … "They need to make space to address the problem and recognize that an epidemic exists. Nicaragua is a class war turned upside down. There is a great deal of false and inaccurate information about Nicaragua in … ", The government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has described these allegations and reports of "express burials" as "false news.". Its police force was internationally recognized for its innovative community policing policies. The Observatory reported that as of June 10 there were 4,971 suspicious cases and 1,398 suspicious deaths from the virus. Javier, who asked that his first name be changed for his safety, told CNN via a WhatsApp text message that he looks for credible information from the Observatory website because the government is not trustworthy. Nicaragua Anti-Government Protests – December 2018 Update: Nicaragua has been placed in the "Reconsider all but essential travel" category for several government travel advisories. We speak with Stephen Sefton, who lives in Nicaragua and is a founder of Tortilla con Sal. "Express burials" are happening at night, witnesses told CNN, and doctors have been allegedly fired for raising alarm about the virus' spread. "The first thing the government needs to do is admit there is a health problem and not make this a political issue," Dr. Argüello Yrigoyen said. Hospital numbers have decreased because people would rather stay home and be treated by family. And with the country open for business, many have no choice but to work. The Category 4 storm threatened much of Central America with winds of up to 140 miles per hour and rainfall that could reach 35 inches in some areas. Nicaragua erupted in turmoil last April after the government announced a plan to cut social security benefits. Not only are health workers losing their jobs, some are dying and getting sick at an alarming rate. But since April this country of 6 million people has been plunged into crisis with the eruption of a nationwide revolt against President Daniel Ortega. A lack of transparency from Ortega's administration has made it hard for anyone to grasp the true scope of the problem. Many Nicaraguans are now wary of being hospitalized, according to three doctors who spoke to CNN. CNN reached out to the health ministry and government's office for comment on the firing and deaths of medical personnel and received no response. When the family inquired, the staff said they were simply following orders, the brother said. Despite the police presence, a family member managed to shoot a video shared with CNN showing the darkness surrounding the cemetery and men in yellow hazmat suits carrying the casket, an unsettling farewell to a loved one. The government has raised the living standards of the impoverished majority through wealth redistribution. "There are always two versions," a doctor who asked that his name be omitted for fear of losing his job told CNN, regarding information offered from the government. For more than 100 days Nicaragua has been gripped by a political crisis that has left more than 350 dead. What is Happening in Nicaragua Right Now? The medical organizations also highlighted the firings of health workers who raised the alarm or demanded better personal protective equipment. A few relatives can be present, but no filming is allowed. Eleven of them were Nicaraguan, Costa Rican authorities said. Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Travelers should avoid all travel to Nicaragua. What is happening in Nicaragua? Before the pandemic, there were usually 3-4 names of the deceased he would read out loud and pray for during Mass. Now, faced with the deadly coronavirus, … November 26, 2018. Since April of this year, Nicaragua’s citizenry has been waging a fierce uprising against the repressive, authoritarian government of President Daniel Ortega. Adiós al “excepcionalismo estadounidense”. First Lady and Vice President Rosario Murillo said the scenes of night burials were "videos from other countries, pretending to make you believe they are videos from Nicaragua." Here's what we know: For many who died of the virus, there has been no Mass, no wake and no funeral arrangements, residents and a priest told CNN. This event is supported by Scottish residents in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and the Human Geography Research Group and the Global Development Academy of the University of Edinburgh. Around 1,000 truck drivers were left stranded at the border, paralyzing commerce throughout the region, he added. But Monseñor Carlos Aviles Cantón, a Catholic church leader, told CNN the absence of information from the government was a problem in its own right. There have been widespread protests against a corrupt government and these are … However, Nicaragua was hit with renewed political trouble in 2018, and it was hit hard. Nicaragua’s economic growth rates were among the best in the region at 5% a year. The ongoing crisis in Nicaragua—the country's bloodiest confrontations since civil war ended in 1990—has spanned two months and claimed at least 170 lives. A Category One storm, Iota was expected to strengthen into a major hurricane by Monday as it approached the coast of Central America, according to the National Hurricane Center. Many of you know that #Nicaragua holds a special place in my heart, so I created this video to … Addressing the nation in mid-May, she added, "there are those who specialize in what we have said, pandemics of fear, of hate, from false news.". - Read online for free. The haphazard, politicized response to the pandemic by the country’s leaders has put the government’s own officials and supporters at particular risk. News. National Assembly deputy Maria Manuela Sacasa passed away from cancer, Murillo noted, though the other politicians' causes of death were not clarified. What is happening in Nicaragua. The situation is getting serious in Nicaragua right now. Nicaragua is presently importing oil from Venezuela at solidarity rates, so Nicaragua pays extremely low prices up front for the first half of the oil and then pays low-interest loans over time for the rest. More than 300 people have so far been killed, thousands injured. The storm, the second hurricane to strike Central America in less than two weeks, was expected to produce catastrophic winds and up to 30 inches of rain all week. What started as daily government-sponsored press events about the coronavirus turned a few weeks ago into a rapid-fire weekly briefing. "In the last days the Health Ministry of Nicaragua decided to dismiss medical colleagues of diverse specialties without justification, the Nicaraguan people losing generations of teachers, professional experience and with great humanism that in the midst of the global health crisis are vital importance in the care of patients," the group statement said. Nicaragua restores 95% electricity service. (CNN) Nicaragua has seen its fair share of unrest, fear and struggles throughout its troubled history. Just a few months ago Nicaragua was considered one of Central America’s safest and most stable nations with a growing number of tourists flocking to the “land of lakes and volcanoes” wedged between Costa Rica and Honduras.

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